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Men Of Action -- Wild Bill Hickok Poker Hall of Famer Dies on the Felt: by Bob Pajich | Published: ... Hickok was inducted into the Poker Hall of Fame as part of the first class in 1979. That ...

In sechs überlieferten Schießereien tötete der Gunfighter sieben Menschen. Wild Bill Hickok - A History of Wild Bill Here we discuss the history of Wild Bill Hickok and about his poker playing days. Also find out about how he was killed during a poker game. Watch and Download "I Killed Wild Bill Hickok" courtesy of In 1979 James Butler Hickok, known as Wild Bill Hickok, was inducted into the Poker Hall of Fame . . . who knew that there was a hall of fame for poker?

11 Reasons Why Wild Bill Hickok is in the Poker Hall of Fame Author: Lee Davy September 7, 2014 From his farmyard birth in Illinois, to his death at the hands of Jack McCall in the town of Deadwood, in the Black Mining Hills of South Dakota, the tales of Wild Bill Hickok are some of the greatest in the history of the Wild West.

Wild Bill Hickok - Folk Hero, Law Enforcement - Biography Wild Bill Hickok was a sheriff and marshal in the American West who dated Calamity Jane and was friends with Buffalo Bill Cody. Learn more at Biography.com. Wild Bill Hickok was shot at which... | Trivia Answers ... On Aug. 2, 1876 at the age of 39 Wild Bill Hickok, James Butler Hickok, was playing poker at Saloon, Nuttal & Mann's (#10) Deadwood. The Black Hills of Deadwood. Hickok usually sat with his back to the wall. The only seat available when he joined the poker game was a chair with his back to the door. A Long List Of People Who Belong In The Poker Hall of Fame

A complete look at the Poker Hall of Fame's history, every member, and if you can visit it. Includes rules for being inducted, nominees, and fan voting.

Poker Hall of Fame Stats and Facts - pokernewsreport.com Three Hall of Fame members died while playing poker. Wild Bill Hickok, one of the most famous poker players before the 20th century, was shot in the back in 1876 allegedly while holding two eights and two aces, coining the phrase “dead man’s hand.” Tom Abdo suffered a heart attack while playing poker.

Hickok was involved in several notable shootouts. He was shot from behind and killed while playing poker in a saloon in Deadwood, Dakota Territory. The card hand he held at the time of his death is known today as poker's "Dead Man's Hand". In 1979, Hickok was inducted into the Poker Hall of Fame.

Wild Bill Hickok was far more than a poker player, even though many today remember him as the man who originated the famous 'Dead Man's Hand' consisting of Aces and Eights - all black cards. Wild ... Wild Bill Hickok Biography, Life, Interesting Facts Wild Bill Hickok Biography, Life, Interesting Facts. James Butler Hickok famously known as "Wild Bill" Hickok, was an American folk hero, spy, gunfighter, soldier, lawman and an actor.James told many controversial and fabricated stories about his life. These stories earned him a lot of fame and reputation. James Butler Hickok attained the name Hickok from the ruffian lifestyle, lawlessness and ... Wild Bill Hickok | Military Wiki | FANDOM powered by Wikia

Wild Bill Hickok Bio - Professional Gunman & Poker Player

In the wild west, few men could match colorful Wild Bill, whose exploits as a well-dressed but deadly frontiersman, peace officer and gambler have made him an enduring legend.

But did you know that Wild Bill played poker in between killing sessions? Did you also know that in 1979 he was inducted into the Poker Hall of Fame andJames Butler Hickok would have fit into the poker world with ease. During a brawl in a saloon, Hickok would save a barman from certain death... Зал славы покера — Википедия