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Apr 26, 2001 ... In the back of old medicine cabinets, you may still see the little mail slot ... The slot seemed a tear in time, as if the blade that had just shaved my ...

Long ago, when I owned a different house, my dad once told me that the little slot in the backs of these medicine cabinets was for the disposal of razor blades. You'd use the blade until it was too dull, but that left it too sharp for safe disposal, so you would just push it through the slot and it would fall down into the wall. Medicine cabinet blade slot | Badger & Blade I did a search on 'razor blade banks' and a company called West Coast Shaving sells them for a dollar each. Yeah, I remember having medicine cabinets with a razor blade disposal slot in the back. Haven't seen one in a while, though. the next time I'm at Lowes I'll have to check just for grins. Remember when medicine cabinets had those little slots for ... I have a medicine cabinet in my kids bathroom that has the slot for used blades it was actually my wife that pointed it out to me the other day house was built in 1910 but I'm sure the medicine cabinet was from the 60's no idea if there are used razor blades in my wall Through the Looking-Glass With a Safety Razor - TIME

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Old time medicine cabinets had a slot in the back for used ... It actually made sense at the time. Before stainless steel blades were developed, razor blades were basically single use. As soon as they got wet, they rusted. Used razor blade slot in medicine cabinet? | The DIS ... The blades just fell into the wall. The only reason I know this, is that I had never seen one until I helped my friend renovate his bathroom. His house was build in the 1920's and we found the slot...and ALL of the old blades when we removed the medicine cabinet and the surrounding plaster walls. Old Medicine Cabinet | ultraraddesigns.com

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Razor Blade Slots In Medicine Cabinets razor blade slots in medicine cabinets razor blade slot in medicine cabinet - there was one in the old house I grew up in. I always wondered where they ended up.Find Great Deals On Medicine Cabinet. Old razor blades inside wall.? | Yahoo Answers The folks who've responded with the info about the old style medicine cabinets with the slot in the back for disposal of old razor blades are correct, the rest of the answers are just conjecture by people who don't know, but felt the need to post some sort of answer. I've remodeled many older homes, and removed many of these cabinets. Safety Razor Safety: Disposing of Old Blades | Man Over Bored

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